Open Water Student, Dr. Cynthia Gerszewski, Photo Upload from Dive Trip to San Carlos, Sonora, Mexico, July 2019

Photos and Trip Description by Dr. Cynthia Gerszewski


“I went to get certified and had 2 dive days right after the certification days. I was nervous about a few things- mask fit, panicking while under water, not being skilled enough, making a mistake. But being side by side with my instructor, calm and experienced Steve Backerman, I surpassed those issues easily and got to the fun and wonder of diving and LOVED IT! Its a whole new world of AWE that feels isolated from the human world above. I felt like I was interacting and part of nature in a way that is difficult to do on land sometimes. I love many things about the whole experience- water, boats, friendly active people with the similar interest of loving underwater life and adventure. I will definitely go back and want to have Steve do my Advanced Certification so I can feel even more safe and at ease down there so I can have even MORE fun!  Dr. Cindy”

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