Cabo Pulmo, Baja Sur, Mexico | May 2016

Added by Steven Backerman from his trip to Cabo Pulmo, Baja Sur, Mexico in May 2016.



Cabo Pulmo is home to the oldest and northernmost coral reef on the west coast of North America.  Located about 60 miles north of Cabo San Lucas, the local diving is in a federally protected marine reserve and the diving is superb.

All of the dive sites are within 10-15 minute boat ride from the shore and every single site provides wonders to behold.  You’ll find an abundance of coral, huge schools of fish (fish tornados are frequent), bull sharks, eels, California sea lions (seasonally) and an abundance of brightly colored reef fish.

I’ve dived at Cabo Pulmo three times and have stayed at the Cabo Pulmo Beach Resort each time and I cannot say enough great things about this resort.  All inclusive packages include 3 meals a day, 2 boat dives a day and a variety of beach bungalows from which to choose, depending on your needs.  The dive staff is extremely professional and the operation efficient.  Because the resort is in a remote location, conditions are a bit rustic, with all power generated by solar and generators.  

Because the marine reserve is extremely regulated and closely watched, there is a daily and monthly quota with respect to the number of divers that can visit each site.  As such, I recommend visiting early in the month.  Also, October is the best month to visit, as the water is still warm and the visibility superb.

Be sure to ask for the following dive sites:  El Islote (often visited by Bull Sharks), El Vencedor (a really cook wreck – the Groupers can be huge), and La Esperanza (great corals and reef fish).

The photos you see here are among the first I ever took with my camera gear.

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