Roatan, Honduras | November 2016

Added by Steven Backerman from his trip to Anthony’s Key, Roatan, Honduras in November 2016.

I stayed at Anthony’s Key Resort Roatan, Honduras.  It’s easy to get to….from Tucson, you can simply connect in Houston right to Roatan.  Anthony’s Key is pretty short drive from the airport which the resort will arrange.  

You can expect incredible service.  It’s a very well-organized, well-run dive operation.  While there are a few other attractions on the island, such as Gumbalimba Park, where you can zipline, interact with wild white-faced capuchin monkeys and beautiful macaws, the diving is the top draw.

Roatan is situated along the Mesoamerican Barrier Reef, the 2nd largest barrier reef in the world (the Great Barrier Reef in Australia is the largest).  Every dive provides stunning visuals of beautiful corals, fans and sponges.

You can expect to see turtles, sharks, octopuses (you don’t want to miss the night dives here) and jawfish.  There are also several wrecks to dive.

You (or your group) will be assigned to a DiveMaster for the length of your stay.  You’ll get a chance to dive at a different site for every dive of your stay.  Mary’s Crack, Key Hole, Barry’s Reef and Fish Den are just a few of the more unforgettable sites. 

The dive operation is extremely efficient, but it is a bit of a cattle call.  Dives are pretty strictly timed to 45 minutes.  If you get in good with your assigned DiveMaster, you’ll manage to be able to dive a bit longer.

Most of the dive sites are considered to be novice to intermediate, mostly at 50′-60′ of depth, with very little current.  We did a couple of 100’+ dives, but that was because we asked to go a bit deeper.

Kayaks and SUPs are also available during your surface intervals.

Accommodations are fantastic:  comfortable rooms, great and abundant meals.  Each staff member in every department is friendly and works hard to be accommodating to individual needs.

For more information about Roatan and/or Anthony’s Key Resort please fill out the Contact Form.


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