San Carlos, Sonora, Mexico

Added by Steven Backerman from numerous trips to San Carlos, Sonora, Mexico over the years as of October 2017.

It’s been said that Jacques Cousteau called the Sea of Cortez the world’s aquarium and there’s no better example than the diving at San Carlos, Sonora, Mexico and Isla San Pedro Nolasco.

From tiny brightly colored nudibranchs to a resident population of California Sea Lions, the Sea of Cortez from the San Carlos shore has something for everyone.

This page contains photos from many different dive trips to San Carlos over the years and I dive in these waters at least once a month, year-round.  The diversity of life is spectacular and changes during the course of the year from the chilly waters of winter to the warm waters of summer.

Over the years, many dive shops have come and gone in San Carlos but Gary’s Dive Shop has remained a constant and for very good reason.  The quality of service is unsurpassed by any of the shops in San Carlos – the boat captains have decades of experience, the crews take excellent care of the divers, lunch is always provided and, most importantly, safety is held in the highest regard.

The best diving is typically at Isla San Pedro Nolasco, about an hour and fifteen minute boat ride from the San Carlos Marina.  Dive sites include South Point (where you might find schooling hammerheads in October), Bahia Elena, Cascaditas, El Faro, Rocas Grandes and North Point.  California Sea Lions will join you on almost all dives at San Pedro!

Closer to San Carlos, some of the best local dives include Eagle Rock, San Antonio Point, Las Gringas, Sea Mount and Window Rock.

Trip Advisor provides a pretty decent set of recommendations for the many hotels and restaurants in San Carlos with food ranging from just-caught-fresh seafood to traditional Sonoran fare.

If you prefer to stay in a home, I rent my San Carlos home for weekends and longer stays.

San Carlos is unique where the desert and its beauty meets the majestic shore.  National Geographic called the ocean view from Mirador Escénico, San Carlos, Mexico one of the 10 best in the world.

Join us on one of our monthly dive trips to San Carlos and experience its beauty first hand!

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