San Carlos, Sonora, Mexico | February 2018

Added by Steven Backerman from his trip to San Carlos, Sonora, Mexico in February 2018.


What an exciting trip….everything from tiny nudibranchs to giant sized orcas!  Orcas are regular visitors to the Sea of Cortez during the winter, but it’s always special to see them!

Though the Sea of Cortez can be pretty cold at this time of year (think high 50s to low 60s F, 15-18 C), the diving is spectacular!  

Because of the density of particulate in the water, visibility isn’t necessarily great, but it’s that volume of particulate that makes for a great variety of critters as the particulate, both proteins and vegetation, provides the food base for the abundance of life!

I was able to capture some video of the orcas on my camera phone and you can find the video here.

We also saw quite a variety of sea stars…including a Tan Sea Star with 4 legs and a Panamic Cushion Star with 6!  Check out the gallery to see for yourself.

Not many people dive the Sea of Cortez when the water is so cold, but with a decent exposure suit (5mm-7mm), you’ll stay warm enough (trust me, I am not a big fan of the cold) and get to enjoy a very different experience from warmer water dives.

As my house is occupied with winter guests, I stayed at Los Jitos which I highly recommend for basic, safe, clean accommodations at a good price.

For more about San Carlos and the Sea of Cortez, click here.





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